Because there is a war on for your soul 

"....In the end My Immaculate Heart will Triumph."


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The Obama File

Road SignNear Nairobi Kenya

The 9/12 March on Washington D.C:

Judge Order Trial on Eligibility issue

Link: WAKE UP AMERICA Grass roots movement

Why would he dare do this on purpose? Or is he just goofy? He really means it.

"By their fruits you shall know them" Matt: 7:16

This picture is very well known. We don't know what happened here.

In Russia

Spectacular Trip to India Nov 2010

A little fun.

March ....U.N. Resolve to establish a "No fly zone" in civil war thorn Libya. The media demonizes Gadhafi as killing innocent civilians. So to save "innocent lives" The coalition had have to bomb Libya so Gadhafi may step down. They don't know who the rebels are even.

Yeah Right!

The Coalition : USA, Britain, France attacks Libya ..."No boots on the Ground"

ProtectingInnocent Lives

 Obama asks Gaddhafi to step down. Gaddhafi refused. Gaddhafi was violently overthrown, killed. A Central BANK was established illico to manage Libya's gold.




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