DEFENDER of the Traditional Catholic MAGISTERIUM

  ”One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, I will save the world.
Whoever wears the scapular until death, will be preserved from hell.”

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The Catholic Counter Revolution is needed.


Photo de The U.S. Constitutional Revolution.

"Popes" are at the avant-garde of the New World Order

It Started with John XXIII in 1960 Start date of this Great Apostasy. But that wasn't the beginning . For Centuries it was underground only known to Illuminati, Jesuites , and Freemasons. The Illuminati date to 1776....Secret societies...

His Encyclical "Pacem in Terris" gives tenets of the new communist Masonic doctrine of this era. This new doctrine is not new, it was laid out by Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin, concretized the United Nations built on a land donation by the Rockefeller of the time. It is  Marxism controlled by paper money printed by the bankers; Gold having been withdrawn since FDR's famous Bank Holiday. All the popes and politicians with a hidden Agenda; since then have been faithful to this new international world government. They had deceive all nations. This world government practically erases borders , individual freedoms, property ownership, even the "right to revolt". It pulverizes all religions into one Luciferian blob ( taking us all as idiots :-).  The American people and the Catholics so far have been manipulated into their own demise.

"On being elected pope, We became the father of all men. " Populorum Progressio

This antipope king Cardinal Montini is the executioner of the Catholic Church . Paul Scortesco, a writer Vatican insider wrote an important article on the subject, but he was martyred. One Article is here in French was published after his death. Download and distribute. It is in French : L'eglise condamnee.      

May, 1976 Paul VI Message to a President of  U.N. Conference:

"...this new international economic order that has to be ceaselessly built  up."

Then it was announced officially from the White House by Georges Bush ( 41rst President) on September 11,1991.

The Illuminati was founded in 1776. Here is the 1883 "Catholic" Douay Rheims Bible cover with their symbol on the cover along with the Jesuites ( IHS) symbol. So they needed Judeo-Masonry to implement it. Now that we have the Jewish freemason popes it was time to execute.


Sept  8, 1977:" Stress is legitimately laid nowadays on the necessity of constructing a new world order..."

Toward an Effective Authority

"78. Such international collaboration among the nations of the world certainly calls for institutions that will promote, coordinate and direct it, until a new juridical order is firmly established and fully ratified. We give willing and wholehearted support to those public organizations that have already joined in promoting the development of nations, and We ardently hope that they will enjoy ever growing authority. As We told the United Nations General Assembly in New York: "Your vocation is to bring not just some peoples but all peoples together as brothers. . . Who can fail to see the need and importance of thus gradually coming to the establishment of a world authority capable of taking effective action on the juridical and political planes?" (66)Encyclical  Populorum Progressio.

 Who was Paul VI (Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini)?

"NEW HUMANISM" : "...the promotion of a "new humanism" seems to be ever more urgently necessary in order to enlighten human beings on the understanding of themselves and the meaning of their journey through history." Benedict XVI

The Humanist Manifesto was published in 1933. It's an evolutionist religion of Man as God. The Theory of Evolution is the Hoax of the Century.

Benedict XVI's Encyclical: Caritas in Veritate ( is also a critique of Capitalism ) The popes have long abandoned the Gospel and preaching their own Wealth-redistribution  Neo-Marxism. As a result of not preaching Jesus' Religion, immorality and depravation prevails in a decaying Church. They believe all men are saved. it doesn't matter what religion .Just imagine Jesus saying such thing. Too busy with "New Humanism" to preach Christ's Gospel. Dereliction of duty is nothing these days . He wrote tons of books on his own belief, apparently pew warmers don't read them or don't care.

Is  a New Vatican somewhere else possible?. More than 30,000 true priests quit under Paul VI perhaps with some of them still alive and willing , true Catholicism will survive.  Our Lady in the 3rd Secret has ordered the authority to be transferred to Fatima during the then future kingdom of John Paul II. He did. The corner stone of St.Peter was transferred to Portugal. Our Lady said "the City will be destroyed".    

PAUL VI  ENCYCLICAL  (Populorum Progressio  .) The popes are the mouth piece of the New World Order since 1958.The popes sugar coated Latin is so much more enticing than, Pelosi, Hillary, Fidel, Stalin, Karl, Mendela, Che...etc...The "Bishops" (USCCB) have to do the dirty work of actually funding the "Faith-based"  which support abortion as population control, with pew money. 

"Messiah" : " ...A light will shine upon you..."

Well groomed US World  President" ...We are no longer just a Christian nation..."

He will do his best to implement the new world government. He has no other choice.  

Let's continue with : must read Encyclical Populorum Progressio. Some Excerpts below.

To Government Authorities

84. Government leaders, your task is to draw your communities into closer ties of solidarity with all men, and to convince them that they must accept the necessary taxes on their luxuries and their wasteful expenditures in order to promote the development of nations and the preservation of peace. Delegates to international organizations, it is largely your task to see to it that senseless arms races and dangerous power plays give way to mutual collaboration between nations, a collaboration that is friendly, peace oriented, and divested of self-interest, a collaboration that contributes greatly to the common development of mankind and allows the individual to find fulfillment.


Immigration: "
69. Emigrant workers should also be given a warm welcome. Their living conditions are often inhuman, and they must scrimp on their earnings in order to send help to their families who have remained behind in their native land in poverty. " Paul VI Mach 1967 Populorum Progressio

July 2010 the USCCB defends illegal immigration, and "human dignity".


Birth Control , Planned Parenthood, abortion. What does the Church teach? Tedd Kennedy is in heaven said O'Malley at his funerals. Nancy Pelosi is correct when she says she's doing the Church work.

Encyclical  Populorum Progressio continued: "

Population Growth

37. There is no denying that the accelerated rate of population growth brings many added difficulties to the problems of development where the size of the population grows more rapidly than the quantity of available resources to such a degree that things seem to have reached an impasse. In such circumstances people are inclined to apply drastic remedies to reduce the birth rate.

There is no doubt that public authorities can intervene in this matter, within the bounds of their competence. They can instruct citizens on this subject and adopt appropriate measures, so long as these are in conformity with the dictates of the moral law and the rightful freedom of married couples is preserved completely intact. When the inalienable right of marriage and of procreation is taken away, so is human dignity.

Finally, it is for parents to take a thorough look at the matter and decide upon the number of their children. This is an obligation they take upon themselves, before their children already born, and before the community to which they belong—following the dictates of their own consciences informed by God's law authentically interpreted, and bolstered by their trust in Him. (39)



"Pope John Paul I, whose memory is so vivid in our hearts, did not wish to have the tiara; nor does his Successor wish it today. This is not the time to return to a ceremony and an object considered, wrongly, to be a symbol of the temporal power of the Popes."

"So far as I am concerned a Pope without tiara is not my Pope. I was born ,baptized, confirmed, married, under the real Pope. I owe no allegiance to usurpers." J.C. October, 2009.

JOHN PAULII THE GREAT(1978-2005) teaches that:

Every man is the "Son of the living God", check it out for yourself : Recent researches from the revealed that the "Living God" is the fire lord of Moses and theirs spirits. This is Satan. Substituting the term in this quote: "Every man is the son of Satan". This must be accomplished for his Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order).

He refers to Jesus as : "the man." Update :the Masonic "Jesus" was indeed a man. See the Rosicrucian book ,"The Mystical Life of Jesus" H. Spencer Lewis (1929)

 Multiple times Jesus calls himself "Son of Man" making sure every one understands he is just a man.

Matthew: 9:6, 10: 10-23, 11:18, 12:32, 38, 13:41, 16:27,  17:22, 19:27, 20:17,31, 

Alluded to himself as a prophet: Matt: 13:57 " Prophets are not without honor....."

Which means Jesus is just a man . The Fatima Movement refers to him as 'Masonic Jesus'.  This is also what the Muslims believe: Jesus is just a prophet. John Paul II, Encyclical on Social Concerns (#47), Dec,30, 1987 "...Muslims who, like us, believe in the just and merciful God."

Here John Paul II is telling what he knows to be true, imposed on the Novus Ordo sect, with his New Liturgy. This is also written in his "New Catechism" (#841): :"... Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day." His Novus Ordo Mass serve this purpose well , as we have demonstrated. That's why Paul VI having no trust on our own Theologians, had a freemason craft the New Mass with the six protestants periti. The NO mass is the Liturgy of the New World Order, in Latin: Novus Ordo Missae.The Novus Ordo Mass does NOT worship Jesus Christ (latin:Jesum Christum) as we have demonstrated. These "Popes" have tricked us  into worshipping a different and dangerous God, Allah. They have removed the Holy Trinity from the mass, making it invalid. "By their fruits, you shall know them." Publicly kissing the Koran gives the Muslims carte blanche on killing Christians. So attacks as "911" became plausible.  .

John Paul II reverently kissed the Koran to demonstrate his love for Allah and Mohammed enemy of Christ. Allah is the talking fire bush of Moses and Joshua.

 Google  it yourself. These antipopes are the personality of the spirits they worship as godsends who guide them.

 Skeltons in their closet:

Find a way to visit the Freemasonic Grand Lodge in Washington D.C. you'll see the snake figure all over the place.


Other Apostasies from John Paul II the Great.

"May St John the Baptist protect Islam" JP II March 2, 2000.

Oct. 1, 1986, Dec. 1990,2002 , dates of all Assisi prayer meetings of all false religions.

1988, Rome.

1999 Pan Christian Encounter at the Vatican.

John Paul II is the recipient of high Masonic Medal " Order of Galilee" for upholding " The values of Universal Freemasonry." 

Here he kisses the hand of Anglican heretic Rowan Williams....

John Paul II "the Great" for having dismantled Catholicism is highly revered: John Paul II will be "beatified" hurriedly on April 2, 2009 only five years after his death. He will be a NWO saint. Media blackout, with false Catholicism did it. The abortion politicians have been had. True Catholicism being in eclipse, They thought all along they were good Catholics. History will judge them as "infamous baby killers" of the 21rst Century. Hitler now looks like a choir boy, a dwarf.

It is international socialism, the abominable freemasonic, illuminati, NEW WORLD ORDER or NOVUS ORDO.  For 40 years New Church elected politicians who supported abortion and never reacted firmly to the complaints of the faithful. To the contrary the politicians were encouraged by obsolescence of Canon 915 which prohibits Communion to public unrepentant sinners.  The Church gave 7 Millions pew $ to ACORN. Catholics votes elected a "citizen of the world" ( a Marxist) to the white House. Now that all is in place with a disappearing Church. Guess what? Pope Benedict XVI called Pelosi on the red Carpet in Rome. Why just now and not before the infamous election of  November 2008? My Novus Ordo " Church" has openly supported and funded such public sinners for 40 years.

It's pretty Machiavellic. And we "ain't seen nuttin yet". We need to see clearly. Stay focussed. Judge " by their fruits" only. Now the public sinners of the abortion are the villain, and the Pope's the good guy? Any two year old can see something fishy here. The vast majority (300) of Novus Ordo "Bishops" absolutely refuse to apply Canon 915.Only 15 to 16 good bishops want to apply it. Archbishop Burke now in Rome is the unequivocal proponent. He is truly Christian.  Now by simple mathematics 16/316 times 100 = 5%. Five per cent of the bishops apply Canon 915. Now you tell me the Novus Ordo Church is really ProLife ? And the facts do not lie. They say one thing and implement another. Like a foot ball team ; each player has his role, the sheer leaders and the booers. Once you can see through it, the rules of the game, it becomes predictable like clear water. Truly, this is NOT the Catholic Church. Pelosi, Leahy, Ted Kennedy are NOT Catholic. They have been misled by the Novus Ordo Church. They have also betrayed the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

from Gary Morella:

In 2007 the U.S. bishops donated over $1 million in 37 separate grants to ACORN, a radical, pro-abortion group, and upwards of $7 million since 2000

                                                                  One  Purpose.

Notes about: Populorum Progressio.

(*) In this encyclical Paul VI declares himself "the father of all men" (not my father) and lays out his political (Illuminist) agenda for the whole world. So the new humanism is a puffed up concept of man in the place of God, telling every man, society, nations how to do their thing and fix the world themselves: a human wishful thinking, servant to the Proud Angel's New World Order. Our blessed Lord said " My kingdom is not of this world." These Vatican II "popes" are politicians with a Masonic NEW WORLD ORDER agenda; and most "Catholics" still kiss their ring. This is stupid.

(*) Disses Nationalism as an Obstacle ( should not love your country) and categorizes it with Racism. The race card is well played by Paul VI and this is the technique used to push Obama down our throat and the ignorant masses support it with threats of violence. Read an excerpt below: The "Popes" are at the avant-garde of the NWO, now you all see what they mean. As We have told you a thousand times. Go back to the Revolution page refresh your memory and support the the Fatima Movement to get true Catholicism back.

From Encyclical Popuplorum Progressio

The Obstacles of Nationalism . . .

62. There are other obstacles to creation of a more just social order and to the development of world solidarity: nationalism and racism. It is quite natural that nations recently arrived at political independence should be quite jealous of their new-found but fragile unity and make every effort to preserve it. It is also quite natural for nations with a long-standing cultural tradition to be proud of their traditional heritage. But this commendable attitude should be further ennobled by love, a love for the whole family of man. Haughty pride in one's own nation disunites nations and poses obstacles to their true welfare. It is especially harmful where the weak state of the economy calls for a pooling of information, efforts and financial resources to implement programs of development and to increase commercial and cultural interchange. . . . and Racism

In other words, according to this man Paul VI , loving our USA as founded by the fathers of the nation disunite and pose obstacles to our true welfare. TEA parties are therefore against the Vatican  too.  We should let the Bankers, the federal reserve, destroy the Sovereignty of our nation in world blob of government. We should be so loving to the whole family of man as to give up our freedoms of the Tenth Amendment and the Second Amendment. This is the modernism they want. "Catholics" don't even seem to understand that the word "Novus" means New and the word "Ordo" means Order, NEW  world ORDER. They believe the Popes are innocent saints when in fact they are subservient to the Free-Masons ideals . John Paul II received the highest medal Order of Galilee from the Italian freemasons. In December of 1996, the Grand Orient Lodge of Italian Freemasonry offered  the medal to John Paul II .

New World Order champions. Mission accomplished. Catholicism usurped. USA  Constitution betrayed. Obama will take more risk. He has not much to lose. So he is facing opposition from the true Americans. He is working feverishly as quickly as he can to pass laws. The Mass Media and the Judiciary are and have been silent. hand picked by the ruling elite. He ran on the "race card."  Dumbed down Americans support him based on his skin pigmentation. He is well informed in the 'Cloward- Spiven strategy'  on how to turn, American Capitalism into Socialism ,from within. As a child he was the protégé' of Frank Marshall Davies a well known American Marxist., mentioned in his (Obama's) book.

Douay Rheims Catholic Bible Genesis 3:7 [7] And the eyes of them both were opened: and when they perceived themselves to be naked, they sewed together fig leaves, and made themselves aprons. 


Pope Paul VI, Message to the United Nations, May 24, 1978:"...we are aware that the path which must lead to the coming of the new international order...cannot in any case be as short as we would like it to be...Disarmament, a new world order and development are three obligations that are inseparably bound together..."   

All Novus Ordo 'Popes'Always Report to the UN.

International Socialism via the Vatican. Liberation Theology given by the Popes to fellow Marxists, has already conquered much of the third world and plunge them in the abyss of Mobocracy run by multimillionaire Marxists. Here we refer specifically to Haiti ( Aristide & Preval), and others. We are hoping the American people having now experienced with a (multimillionaire Marxist dictator), we hope the American People will come to understand what the US has been perpetrating to the world in the name of Democracy. We hope Catholics open their eyes to see what the "Popes" have done with them, supporting the annihilation of the USA, with the destruction of Catholicism in false ecumenism.  The American people must now endeavor to reverse this trend of the Anti-Christ and turn around and save our civilization and our Church. "What goes around gets around."

So the next step as Paul VI and now Benedict XVI demand, is Disarmament-Development . See how President Obama is going to disarm  the American People. What clever technique will he use? Many bill are in the rush to obliterate the Second Amendment. Many states are suspicious and started to legislate their Sovereignty. Barack playing the greed card offers fiat paper Money from the Bankers who put him in power ("Stimulus") to tame the Tiger. But Opposition is rising because he has not shown his papers as even an American citizen. Kenya and Indonesia are deliriously thrilled and proud of Barry Soetoro (the name he had in Indonesia school) or Barack Obama II.   That disqualifies him to be Constitutionally acceptable as Commander in Chief and is a symbol of a New Order (Novus Ordo). A Natural born citizen must have two American parents in addition to being born in the US and territories. He absolutely refuses to show his credentials. All the Senate and the House know it but they have elected to selectively ignore the fact that his father is a foreigner (just got a email letter from Senator Leahy. He is misinformed as the eligibility issue has gained momentum. There has been SCOTUS tampering and interference with the documents submitted by Dr Orly Taitz. It appears that some clerks are in fact interfering with the Justice system. Dockets have disappeared and reappeared, Justice Roberts had no clue of what's going on when Dr Orly questioned him in public...This is scandalous. ), against the US Constitution.

 You cannot be a natural born citizen with a foreign father. Period. Pretty Machiavellic...TEA (Tax Enough Already) parties are all over the nation, many states are reclaiming Sovereignty. The government is no longer responsive to the people as a result. A confrontation therefore is unavoidable. Numerous volunteers have sent letters to Eric Holder making sure to bypass Obama's "gate keepers". He, the Attorney General, should act immediately but probably won't. The American people, softened by 140 years of "American dream" have forgotten how to fight real fights. They relied on the main stream Mass Media, when the media pulled the rug from under their feet they were lost and got fixed with Obama .

 Remains to be seen what will happen. The same scenario has happened to the Catholic Church and they have been passive as well, paving their way to the New World Order and ridiculing God Jesus Christ since 1969.The "Popes" have eloquently pushed for the Novus Ordo i.e. New World Order. The "Popes" changed the religion completely to a Lord worshipping Masonic cult.

Born in Kenya where his other relatives are. He is not to blame. With

Barry  Soetoro will be honored at Notre Dame University and awarded an honorary degree in Law. The Catholic Church is thus officially satisfied with his New World Order agenda, which is the Popes agenda. The Novus Ordo Church has supported pro-abort CCHD and A.C.O.R.N with millions of pew dollars, as we have proven. Now we see the same usual, deja-vu,  scenario: protest, petition, reparation ,blame game, while the evil of the New World Order Church continues unabated. When will the Catholics finally wake up and realize that the Church has long been taken over by Masonery? When will they finally see that Vatican II is NOT even remotely Catholic? When? This is frustrating.

Some Military active and Veterans are renewing their Oath to the US Constitution:  Gov. Perry of Texas Declares Sovereignty: Other States to follow?

Now Remains to see what "We The People" will do if anything. The American Republic would have lasted 231 years.

The President of USA bows low to Saudi Arabia. G20 Novus Ordo. The Main Media downplayed the many Protests in Strasbourg. The Media is owned by the N.W.O elite.

SEA [Stoned Enough Already] The ends are inverted. Unchallenged.

The Mason firmly grasps the right hand of a fellow Mason. The thumbs of both hands are interlaced. The first Mason presses the tops of his fingers against the wrist of the fellow Mason where it unites with the hand. The fellow Mason at the same time presses his fingers against the corresponding part of the the first Mason's hand and the fingers of each are somewhat apart. This grip is also called the Strong Grip of the Master Mason or the Lion's Paw. Instruction for this grip is given at the "graveside", after the candidate has been "raised".

Now what controls the UN and the New World Order? What is their spiritual theology or belief? Why do the Novus Ordo popes hang around the UN so unequivocally? Well. The United Nations is populated by freemasons from all over the world. The core of spirituality of the UN is a private arcane school of esoterism. Its name is : LUCIS TRUST (founded in 1920). Check it out for yourself, use your own intelligence. The merit of  Lucis Trust goes to a woman name Alice Ann Bailey, and her husband Foster, pupils of Madame Blavatski of the Theosophical Society. The word LUCIS used to be LUCIFER 's TRUST. They removed the word Lucifer so not to scare away the pigeons (you and I). It is ran by " Ascended Masters" , these are spirits working through the phenomenon of mediumship. A medium is a woman/man who posses the gift of letting certain spirits lecture through their very mouth in séances. Most mediums are in trance state. The spirits have their hierarchy and specialty just like in the temporal world. Every medium has a specific "  master" who controls them. The medium are clairvoyant which attracts many.


Lucis Trust is a powerful institution that enjoys "Consultative Status" with the United Nations, which permits it to have a close working relationship with the U.N., including a seat on the weekly sessions, but most importantly, influence with powerful business and national leaders throughout the world.

Through its founding of World Goodwill, Lucis Trust is "aggressively involved in promoting a globalist ideology":

Last updated to here, March 12, 2015.

Barrack Obama (Barry Soetoro) , the mysterious person in the White House is therefore, very well protected by the New World Order spirits and hierarchy. So, serious Christians must understand that we are engaged in a SPIRITUAL BATTLE. This battle CANNOT be won as long as the Novus Ordo persists in having you worshipping the wrong God as they do at every Mass, as we have endeavored to demonstrate a thousand times. There are 700 millions "Catholics" worshipping the wrong God. The Novus Ordo God is Man himself according to John Paul II " You are are the Christ the son of the living God.". Beloved Benedict XVI went to the UN in search of NEW HUMANISM. They are obsessed with Man. The "grain of wheat" for recovery IS the Traditional Latin Mass. Implement the Motu Proprio. We must get off our "politically correct" buttocks and start the counter revolution . Otherwise we are toast for good. Passivity is consent. 

John Paul II was fully aware and knew exactly what he was doing at the Assisi reunion at which he had all false religions (Satanic by nature) worship together. For them there is only one God , Lucifer. Any signs of Jesus Christ i.e. Crucifix was removed. This is demonic. You might want to re-listen to Archbishop Sheen's famous discourse on MP3 format: "The Demonic Today" to have a better understanding. Recently Obama went to an Institution - I forgot where- and the sign of Christ was removed; this is not just coincidental , this is demonic. They cannot stand the site of Jesus Christ. Or that two days after Easter, the university infamously covered up the Jesuit IHS monogram, which symbolizes the name of Jesus, for President Barack Hussein Obama’s speech on economics at Gaston Hall. Soon The University of Notre Dame will honor Obama. Petitions, phone calls, demonstrations, do not work, they make Satan laugh feeling important.

Implement the Tridentine Mass, let the exorcism begin. Watch the cockroaches run for cover. The "Spirit of Vatican II" is not the Holy Ghost. Why would it be called " Spirit of Vatican II" if it were off the Catholic Trinity? The Fatima Movement revealed that in 1944 the Holy Ghost was removed from the Sacrament of Baptism and replaced as 'Holy Spirit'. This mistranslation installed Baphomet aka 'Holy Spirit' in the Church. This is the 'Spirit' of the so called 'New Age' movement. Thus the generation is cursed which received this Baptism (mark of the Beast). The same year 1944 , God our Lady ordered Sr. Lucia to write down the Third Secret which was to be released in 1960.  

John Paul II the Great  ASSISI Decalogue is to tell all Luciferian how to achieve peace. This is also to tell them that indeed they all worship one God, Satan. In some of his writings ( pending my proof) he ask his Novus Ordo Church NOT to proselytize, not to try to convert others. This makes sense because he knows all false religions worship Satan, so why bother proselytize. This is the same idea behind his ecumenism. Haven't you ever heard this affirmation come out of the mouth of your pastor: " We are a Church of sinners."? Hein? Does this sound Christian to you? This is the Church that Paul VI created as opposed to the Church of Jesus Christ ( Deum Jesum Christum).

Most Catholics who are opposed to One World Government are in fact not in line with the Novus Ordo "Holy See" the Pope in Rome. Let us repeat this truth so you can repeal it, blame me as usual  ostracize, or admit the reality. Pro-life Catholics who support the US Constitution and the TEA party movement, and do oppose One World Government, are in fact not in line with the "Holy See", Pope Benedict XVI in Rome and the Bishops in line with him. The second American Revolution upon which the whole world is hopeful must and will roll back the satanic advances of the Novus Ordo (New World Order) and retain our freedoms, all of them, and not be subject to an imposed socialism and a big World Government upon us by the venue of these above mentioned "Apostles." The Rockfeller 's put the "United Nations" in New York City for this purpose.

It's a grand idea of world domination, a kingdom upon all, which by definition a greedy megalomaniac idea. Therefore it is easily identifiable (site unseen) as anti-Christ. Jesus Christ does not seek world domination , His Holly kingdom in NOT of this world. This grand idea is greedy and by Jesus' standard a capital sin. Here are the seven Capital sins: LUST>>>>>GLUTONY>>>>GREED>>>>SLOTH>>>>WRATH>>>>>ENVY>>>>PRIDE

So now you see how the New World Order is demonic, conducted by the proud Angel who competes with God. The Popes tell you clearly that man is God. Pope Benedict still seeks a "NEW HUMANISM" as we have shown earlier in this very writing."...the promotion of a "new humanism" seems to be ever more urgently necessary in order to enlighten human beings on the understanding of themselves and the meaning of their journey through history." Benedict XVI. A normal Catholic Christian does not need a "new humanism", he already has the teaching of Jesus Christ. He doesn't need Marxism, Malthusianism , New Gospel etc...He does not need or expect a Savior, he has Jesus Christ. He does not visit and pray in synagogues. The Christian is not a seeker, he is fulfilled with Jesus Christ in His true Church. He does not worship Allah who's followers want to kill all of us. He does not kiss the Koran... He does not seek "enlightenment" (light of Lucifer). Lucifer mean light bearer from Latin : Lux, lucis.  He does not receive or deserve honor medals from Free-masons.

"Modernism is the rendezvous of all heresies" St. Pius X

Heresies are lies. Satan, The god of the United Nations who, assisted by John Paul II in Assisi , seeks the destruction of all religions into one 'world religion' of the Anti-Christ, he is the "father of all lies" Scripture says. The androgenic "global warming" is one such lie that will make Al Gore regret he ever believed in such a thing from "spirit" without science.  Our Blessed God ( Qui fecit caelum et terram) has taken many occasions to demonstrate through various cold spells and snow storms that this theory is a hoax to take money from the tax payers...The fact is CO2 is good for vegetation that turns it back into Oxygen.

This video is long documentary: Please watch it.

Another important Video about the New World Order: cut and paste in your browser

Read more

NOTRE DAME- YOUR CHURCH HAS LONG BEEN hijacked BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER SINCE 1963 . OBAMA is the chosen one perfectly in line with the "Popes" , well funded and elected .Your church, lost in darkness, has been in self-demolition.  Turn your gaze toward Rome.  Pet project of the post Vatican II Popes , the New World Order is incompatible with true Catholicism. The New World Order is a new tyranny over mankind., a Marxist view of "wealth" re-distribution worldwide.


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